Mobile Filtration

Bio-Nomic Services is a member of the Carylon Sediments Group, who is recognized as one of the pioneers and leading providers of onsite dewatering services. With the current industry-wide trend toward onsite waste reduction, the company’s mobile filtration capabilities are positioned to service customers with immediate site filtration needs or to meet any future permanent waste treatment requirements on an ongoing basis.

We utilize our in-house laboratory for conducting filterability studies to determine the best filtration method and equipment for any given waste stream. The Carylon Sediments Group’s self-contained mobile filtration systems equipped with recessed chamber filter presses, belt presses, or hydro-cyclones can then be easily mobilized and operating on a job site within a matter of days. CSG also has extensive experience using lower cost geotextile tubes where applicable. This filtration process produces a liquid effluent (filtrate), after proper polymer induction, which generally meets discharge parameters and a solid filter cake which can be transported to authorized disposal sites, or reclaimed/recovered.